Business Plan Accelerator

Informative, hands on and really creates a reason to get started. – Keshia Koh

Useful and concise course. No fluff. – Irwan Abu Bakar

Interactive and useful session for those who are new to the business model canvas, and those who need refresher ideas. – Aryssa Chung

Topic well covered and relevant. – Effendi Baba

A good start for potential business owners to understand their business and the expectations of building a proper business plan. – Muhammad Zulhaidi Hamzah

The event has been very comprehensive and covers more than just a business plan. – Aidil

It was well verse sharing of knowledge. Quite great, make us go one step further. – Luqman

Some of them will definitely need it and benefit from it. – Adi

Very interesting and easy to understand. – Khairulddin

Those who have little knowledge about business plans and find it daunting to create a proper plan, a Business Model Canvas would be useful.

Design Bootstrap

It’s a great introductory session and I liked how they started off with the reason why good design is important, thus setting the tone of how Canva is a beneficial tool in achieving good design. Appreciated the basic tips for good design too! – Liyana

Beneficial. Concise and impactful within a good duration of 2 hours. – Mukarram

Fun lesson, nice instructors, useful lesson, hands-on! – Audy

I will definitely recommend this to my friends who are interested in designing posters. – Firdaus Mohd Abdullah

Things taught are practical, easy to comprehend and we can clarify doubts asap. – Nurdiyana Binte Amran

Loved the links and resources given by the trainers! Very useful for the future. Trainers were very engaging , productive, warm and friendly. Nice workshop overall. – Md Afiq Anwar

Students are exposed to an easy, convenient way to design something in a very short amount of time of which they might otherwise think is impossible. – Alawiah Azmi

I learnt a lot of the resources that I can use to guide me in designing my posters. – Mariyam Bee

WordPress Kickstarter

Trainer is very detailed and patient with the students. – Yvette

10/10 for beginners serious in building a website for themselves! – Firdaus

Lateral Marketing

Quick easy toolbox for lateral marketing. – Khatim

Full of insights. – Hanafi Mohd Sam

Informal and great learning environment. – Ferdaus Amzah

Good practical knowledge and approachable to ask questions.

12 Angry Men

It was very enriching not just to watch the movie but also to hear other participants share what they felt about the movie. – Wilson

Fantastic story to learn from. Insightful session filled with practical knowledge. – Mohamad Hijazi Sudarmaji

This was a movie that made a great impression on me when I first watched it ~20 years ago. Also many things to learn from it. – Lynn

FB Ad Hacks

Trainer delivered awesome content. – Hazre Salim

It’s easy to digest and understand. Bite sized info and immediate application. – Farhan

There are some insights which are technical that aren’t usually found if we don”t know where to look for it.

Business Video Storytelling

The trainer is very competent. He knows his stuff. – Waheedah

Very informative and well-structured. Just what I needed to know to start video-making for my business. – Sam

Video storytelling is definitely a useful form of marketing in today’s context which every businesses should adopt. – Norhayati